Ignorant and Unchristian ‘Christian’ Racists

Conventional wisdom warns not to start talking about religion in establishments where alcohol is on tap. Correspondingly, self-preservation advises even more strongly not to respond to someone who does start talking religion in bars, pubs, and other drinking establishments. So, how does one react to a despicable fool like the one whom I encountered two months ago at a tavern along Route 67 in Connecticut ? He was loudly expressing his hate and his ignorance of religions (including his own, too) while thinking that he was Christianity.

“I hate Muslims!”, he bellowed to everyone and no one in particular at the tavern’s bar that evening.

When he arrived, I had overheard him telling the barmaid that he was a building contractor in the town. He was a muscular, formidable figure who had probably spent at least ten years lifting bricks, lumber, and construction equipment at building sites. As my friends will tell you (and my wife probably confirm), I’m not someone who feels bound by conventional wisdom nor even self-preservation. At least, not when open expressions of hate and racism are involved near my town, in my nation, or anywhere else for that matter. So, from my seat three stools and ten feet away, I loudly asked, “Why?”

I don’t think he expected anyone to respond or ask about his loud holler of hate. However, he readily answered. Appraising me, he spit out, “Because they hate Jesus!” That is when I noticed the crucifix he prominently wore.

Did I respond to that? No.

Why not? My reasons why not are these: Perhaps he is a competent contractor. Maybe he is an amenable person when not drunk. Perhaps he also is a good husband and a doting father. I don’t know for sure. However, I have no doubt that he believes he is a pious and devout Christian. I, however, have learned through seven decades of experience that there is no point in attempting to change the minds of zebras, donkeys, mules or other forms of ignorant jackasses. Particularly, when they are drunk.

Moreover, no amount of evidence or facts (by which I mean verifiable, readily provable, mutually-agreeable, court-admissible evidence and facts; and not anecdotal ‘evidence’, unverifiable ‘facts, or a cherry-picked mention of an outlying expert who is clearly contradicted by the huge preponderance other experts in that field) nor persuasive reasons will penetrate the thoroughly empty cerebellum of someone who cluelessly attempts to masquerade his atrocious prejudices under the guise of a religious faith.

First, allow me to raise a personal note. I was remembering him yesterday while standing in a taxi line on an island about 250 kilometers (150 mi.) off the coast of Northwester Africa. In the line next to me were two Muslim women. I’ve done business in nearly a dozen Muslim nations and have Muslim friends from yet another half dozen more nations. I’ve vacationed, even honeymooned, in Muslim nations. I doubt this fool in a Connecticut tavern has ever met a Muslim or visited any of the world’s 57 Islamic nations. In my travels, I’ve been privileged to visit mosques, ranging from the ancient Al-Azhar of Cairo (founded in the year 970) to the ultramodern Asy-Syakirin of Kuala Lumpur 8,000 kilometers (5,000 mi.) further east. I’ve read the Bible, the Q’uran, the Hindu Rigveda, some of the Torah, and many of the Buddhist sutras and text. These experiences have guided me to know that this drunken moron in a Connecticut bar is characteristic of a clan of racists who I’ve become all too familiar in modern life, particularly in my own nation: racists who pose as Christians.

So, let us test his prejudiced and opinion, from first the perspectives of Christianity, then that of Islam.

The Christian Gospels are crystal clear that Jesus lived, worked, and interacted with a wide variety of people of other religions. For examples, the polytheistic Roman occupiers of Palestine; idolator Syrians and Canaanites who worshipped Baal or Ashtoreth; and Samaritans, whose religion was similar to that of Jesus’s own Jews in that they followed the Torah and believed in a coming Messiah. (By the way, the Samaritan religion still exists). The Gospels describe his interactions with a Canaanite woman with a sick daughter (Matthew 15); a Samaritan woman at a well (John 4), a Samaritan leper (Luke 17), and the ‘Good Samaritan’ (Luke 10); a Roman centurion with a sick servant (Luke 7); and many sick and demoralized people from Syria and Decapolis who likely weren’t Jewish (Matthew 4 and 8; Mark 3 and 7). Unlike this reprehensible fool in a Connecticut tavern 2,000 years later, Jesus hated none of those non-Christians. He hated no one. Nor did he condemn or rebuke them. Nor argue or debate theology with them. Nor tell them that their religions were wrong. He led by his own example, thereby using what the Quakers 1,800 years later would call ‘quiet persuasion’.

Now, if I was a racist zealot who wanted to dismiss all that, I perhaps might attempt to distract from the issue by claiming that none of those ancient religions was Islam, which didn’t arise until six centuries after Christ. I don’t think this racist turd in 2024 would be dimly intelligent enough to attempt such a line of argument, but let’s now imagine that he had.

Many non-Christian religions founded since Jesus walked on Earth revere Jesus for performing such good works and for speaking the sermons that the Gospels report. In the Druze religion, Jesus is honored not only one of God’s important prophets but considered to be the Messiah who will return to Earth at the ‘End of Times’. Similarly, the Baháʼi religion considers Jesus to be one of many manifestations of God, while rejecting the Christian doctrine that he was an actual divinity. Yet of all non-Christian religions founded since Jesus’s teachings, Islam is the most to revere him.

In Islam, Jesus is called in Arabic Isa and his Gospels, themselves holy books in Islam, are call the Inil. Isa (Jesus) is Islam’s penultimate prophet; the messenger of God; and the Messiah who at the ‘End of Times’ will return to Earth, overthrow the Anti-Christ, and rule thew Earth. Indeed, the Q’uran mentions Isu (Jesus) by name 25 times, which is more often than it mentions Muhammad.

Islam differs from Christianity in that it consider Isa (Jesus) to have been a mortal human, albeit one divinely chosen to spread God’s message. Most Muslims believe that Isa (Jesus) wasn’t killed during his crucifixion, but that God made it appear so to his enemies and that God afterwards ascended him into heaven where Jesus is still alive. Despite those differences, the Q’uran and the New Testament agree about most aspects of his life and his teachings. Muslims and Christians believe that he was miraculously born without a human biological father by the will of God, and that his mother, Mary (Maryam in Arabic) is among the most saintly, pious, chaste and virtuous women ever. The Quran states that Isu (Jesus) was able to perform miracles through the will of God, including being able to raise the dead, restore sight to the blind, and cure lepers. One miracle attributed to Jesus (Isu) in the Quran, but not in the New Testament, is his being able to speak at only a few days after his birth, in order to defend his mother from accusations of adultery.

Does all that sound like Muslim’s hate Jesus?

No matter how much he might claim to be a Christian, what a thoroughly ignorant and hateful turd was the guy I encountered in the Connecticut tavern. He was demonstrably ignorant not only of Islam but of Jesus’s renowned teachings of tolerance and love for others.

Do you know anyone like him who claims to be Christian yet preaches hate for Muslims?

Unfortunately, I’ve encountered too many in recent years. This one was noxious when drunk. I’ve however encounter many of them who are quite affable when sober. They are worse. The affable one lack intoxication as any sort of excuse for their racism. Although few people like, condone, or tolerate a racist who is mean or irascible, unfortunately too many tolerate an affable one. Yet is affability any excuse for racism, prejudice, and hate? No, of course not. What if a friend or acquaintance from childhood or adolescence has grown to become a racist? Should he be tolerated. Absolutely not. If a racist is affable or was a childhood or adolescence friend and you tolerate his hate and prejudice, you aid him in spewing it.

And if a racists claims to be a devout Christian, you needn’t the heavens to part and a divine voice warn you that you’re dealing with not only someone hateful and prejudiced but a most evil hypocrite, drunk or sober, kneeling in church or relaxing at a tavern or country club. Any racist does the Devil’s work.

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