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18 Alumni Instructing 18 Students

This week I’m in New York City sitting-in on a 39-hour (nearly non-stop for five-business days) course in which 18 alumni of my New Media Management master’s degree program at Syracuse University will teach 18 of my current students in the program. The 18 instructors this year from among the program’s more than 200 alumni: Edward Alcide, graduated in ’13, Media Manager, 605; Dylan Beyer, ’12, Brand Manager, Whiskey Division, Proximo Spirits; Robert Bierman, ’16, SVP, CBInsights, Founder Tiny World Media Brittany Campbell, ’10, Global Business Development Partnerships, Google; Ashley Christiano, ’11, Senior Marketing Manager, Reuters TV; Nick Cicero, ’10, CEO, Delmondo; Bethany Devendorf, ’12, Sales Engineer, GeoEdge; Lisa Dodd, ’15, Strategic Marketing and Development Manager ARK Investment Management; Andrea Jacob, Syracuse ‘10, Manager Business Operations, Viacom; Rania Kouadjia, ’16, Digital Account Manager, Complex Networks; Jennifer Krist, ’15, SEO Analyst, 2U; Nathan McAlone, ’15, Entertainment Editor, Business Insider; Edward W. McLaughlin, ’12 Manager, Integrated Planning, UM Worldwide; Lisa Scheinman, ’12, Product Manager, SIMMONS Research; Tom Staudt, ’13, President, ARK ETF Trust / Chief Operating Officer ARK Investments (a +$4 billion fund); Meghavaty Suresh, ’15, Director, Consumer Strategy, Guardian News & Media; Xiaowei Wang, ’15, Manager, Automated Solution, PadSquad; Sydney Yarnell, ’14, Digital Marketing Analyst, Stony Brook University; Shuai (Suya) Wang, ’14, Principal & Co-Founder, WestOeast (Toronto); If you’re one of my many Facebook friends in the media business whose company seeks talented holders of postgraduate degrees in New Media Management (a fully-accredited dual New Media/Business master’s degree from a major university), you won’t find that talent from schools. Contact Steve Masiclat or me.

27 Years in the News Business

Ah, I’m entering my 27th year in the news industry. I started as a reporter covering cops, fires, and courts for a small daily newspaper in Connecticut. Later, I worked for the old UPI, Reuters, and News Corp. My thanks to Prof. Ben Compaine who at the start of the 1980s interested me in the potential of new media and to venture capitalist Jon Gilbert who in 1993 brought me into new media full-time. I’ve never regretted that move. (By the way, I don’t think the Connecticut State Police really minded that I didn’t return my police pass after 1979 ended. Indeed, I felt it odd being nearly invulnerable to speeding and other motor vehicle infractions during those years. The police departments of many towns and state police barracks knew my auto and wouldn’t stop it in speed traps. Only once was I pulled over, when I was late for work and driving 85 m.p.h. on a 45 m.p.h. rural road. The officer, rather than asking me for my driver’s license and vehicle registration, said , “Has anyone told you the problem we in the police union are having with management?” and gave me a story. Oh, to be a police reporter again!)