Faro de Maspalomas


Although I’ve owned an aerial camera drone, a DJI Mavic Air, for the past five years, I recently replaced it with the far more powerful, smaller, lighter, and more far-ranging DJI Mini 4 Pro. Meanwhile, laws about flying drones in North America or the European Union have considerably tightened.; so, I am now studying for my United States pilots license, which would allow me to fly the drone in many regions where amateur flights or unlicensed flights are prohibited. In the United States, I live fewer than 100 metres west of outside a restricted airspace, which means I can fly unlicensed only east of my property. At my home in the Canary Islands, Spain’s airspace restrictions are so tight that not only is flying a drone unlicensed in my city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria prohibited, but so too is virtually the entire eastern half of Gran Canaria island. I spent last weekend vacationing at the southern tip of the island, an area where unlicensed flights are allowed. This gave me a chance to briefly fly my Mini 4 Pro from the balcony of my hotel on a glorious Saturday afternoon. Here is a six-minute clip from that flight. It’s not an entirely smooth flight, as I’m still experimenting with adjustments to the 250-gram drone’s balance and flight controls. However, this video clip does provide great views of first the Lopesan Boabob and he Lopesan Costa Meloneras resort hotels, as well as the lighthouse of Maspalomas (‘El Faro de Maspalomas’).

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