Insanely Expensive Dining Insanely Done

I’ve been fortunate to have eaten at three Michelin-starred restaurants (Le Bernadin, New York City,  3 stars:  ABaC, Barcelona, 2 stars; and Man Wa, Hong Kong, 1 star) in recent years, and am a fam of the Hungarian restaurant owner (42, Budapest, 1 star)  Alexander ‘The Guest’  Varga’s YouTube channel about visiting Michelin-starred restaurants. His most recent review, however, is about Alchemist, a 2-star restaurant in Copenhagen which is so ridiculously over-the-top that viewers of movies and TV shows such as ‘The Menu‘, ‘Tampopo‘, or ‘The Bear‘ will chuckle. The 50-course (yes, fifty!) meal, it’s price, and the diner’s experience are insane.

By contrast, the world’s #1 ranked restaurant is Central in Lima, Peru. Here is Alexander’s review of that excellent but non-insane restaurant.

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