A Notable Mechanical Figure in the Evolution of Robots

Yes, you read this blog posting’s headline correctly.

Although the concept of automata dates from ancient times and the modern concept of robots dates from the 1920s, has during the past 15 months have the basic technologies needed to create a real one converged. The OpenAI company in December, 2022, publicly introduced a text-based artificial intelligence ‘chatbot’. Within a few months, text-to-speech ands artificial voice technologies literally gave it voice. Meanwhile, other companies such as Boston Dynamics were building human-like mechanisms capable of performing work such as might occur in warehouses or factory assembly lines. Now, a company named Figure has combined all that into a prototype working robot. That’s an amazing evolution in such a short time. See for yourself in this video. Meet GPT-5 Body. You need only watch the first three minutes (the remainder is technical information). You now live in the future.

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