How Effective is Only One Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine?

The British Broadcasting Corporation reports how just one does of COVID-19 vaccine is mildly beneficial, but it is the second dose that truly brings immunological benefits.

This Might Be a Topic of Controversy in the Other 49 U.S. States

Yet has hit the bulls eye in my native Connecticut! As are, I think, their choices for Maryland, Massachusetts, and New York. Absolutely perfect choices!

Japanese Film Noir

If you are like American Film Noir and don’t mind subtitles (in other words, you’re not the normal American), you’ll love the Criterion Channel’s new selection of Japanese film noirs from the 1940s-60s. I can particularly recommend Kurosawa’s Stray Dog and The Bad Sleep Well, Nomura’s A Colt is My Passport, or Suzuki’s Branded to Kill and Tokyo Drifter. I’m looking forward to watching others. (That last movie is an odd one: the Japanese studio wanted to get rid of the director, who it had under contract, so it cut his film’s costumes, sets, and location shooting budget the shreds. He decided instead to film anyway on that shoestring budget. The result is a surreal gangster film that looks like it was filmed on rejected sets from 1960s American TV ‘Batman’ TV series (see photo below.]

Color-Blind Man Sees the Difference with Special Glasses

One-and-a-half minute video from the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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