January 3, 2021

Earthquake Aftershock Live

A video camera of RITV in the Croatian city of Rijeka captures live an aftershock from the earthquake that nation this past week.

R.I.P., bassist Eugene Wright, 95.

R.I.P. bassist Eugene Wright, 95, last surviving member of jazz legends the Dave Brubeck Quartet and a pioneer in racial desegregation of U.S. music venues. For those of you who don’t know who there are, see the video clip above, in particular from the 4-minute mark, to discover that a group doesn’t need to look hip to be verrrrry hip! Wright’s solo turn then begins around the 5-minute mark. Or click the this link to see one of the greatest single jazz performance ever given: The Dave Brubeck Quartet’s Carnegie Hall performance of their ‘Take Five’.

I’ll miss him.

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