A Prospectus for Tea Party Land

Tea Cup Ride on High Street, Solihull by ell brown

I’m thinking of raising capital for a new venture—Tea Party Land.

This amusement park located in Middle America will have little or no government, ban admission to immigrants, and comprise Hannity Town, Old Testament Ingrahamstan , Beck Fantasyland, Coultershire, and O’Reillytopia. All its streets will lead to Fox Castle where every hour on the hour Princess Palin appears from a balcony.

Tea Party Land will be the first family amusement park to feature rides engineered according to Creation Science and Supply-Side Economics: such as the Holy Rollercoaster down the mighty Limbaughorn, the Trickledown Waterslide (is your mortgage underwater?), and It’s A Cool Cool Cooling World.

What other rides, cuisines, and features should we include?

(Photograph, Tea Cup Ride on High Street, Solihull, courtesy of Ell Brown on Flickr.)

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