Saturday, October 17, 2020

The world’s largest trompe-l’œil (i.e, ‘fool the eye’ optical illusion) display is this 80 million-pixel wide and 20 million-pixel high wrap-around display in Seoul, South Korea [1-minute video].  

As a frequent international business traveler, I’m sad to hear that the last Airbus 380 ‘Super Jumbo’ airliner has been assembled. It was a great aircraft on which to be a passenger: quiet, smooth (large size equals less turbulence effects). Better than a Boeing 747. Most airlines have stopped flying them. The exceptions are the Persian Gulf airlines (Emirates, Etihad, Qatar) whose route systems are based upon intercontinental flights between major cities. I think I had my last 747 ride two years ago (British Airways: Cape Town-London). I fear that I might not again get a 380 flight. I’ve mainly ridden 380s on Singapore Airlines, always a treat.

The hottest recorded temperature (134F/54.4C) on Earth since 1913 was recorded last month in aptly named Death Valley, California. The 1913 all-time record was 134F (56.6C), also in Death Valley.

Do you have ‘cabin fever’ from being stuck at home? Travel the world aurally via listening to its nature sounds. Here’s a world sound map. Click a marker and it will tell you what you’ll hear, then click ‘Listen’.

Speaking of ‘cabin fever’, if you’re worried about being quarantined at home during dark winter months, think like a Norwegian.

This article from The Atlantic monthly is the article overall report about the bungled U.S. response to the pandemic.

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