Ray Gun Warfare Is Here

American, Russian, French, British, Swedish, and Chinese anti-ship missiles that fly at supersonic speeds and are now programmed to maneuver evasively as they attack. For several decades, the defense modern navies have used against those threats are computer-automated, radar-guide modern Gatling guns that fire hundreds of spent-uranium bullets at attacking aircraft or missiles. However, even those guns can overwhelmed if too many aircraft or missiles attack a ship.

The U.S. Navy is experimenting with laser guns defenses. Here’s a video, shown at the Farnborough (UK) Airshow this summer, which shows a 32-kilowatt infrared laser illuminating and setting fire to the wingtip of a remotely-controlled drone aircraft. The laser was built by Raytheon Missile Systems of Tuscon, Arizona. “Three similar drones were also successfully engaged at militarily significant distances by the solid-state laser” in May and June, said Mike Booen, the firm’s vice president. “It’s a world first over open sea.”

Ray gun warefare is a reality.

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